Hoops for Hope Raises Nearly $6k. Big Shoutout to Boys B-Ball Support

Captains’ parents, Amy Disibio, Diane Richson and Elvia Todorov sent their thanks  to all those who worked shifts selling concessions, raffle tickets and t-shirts as well as those who  set up and cleaned up and to those who donated bagels, pretzels, drinks and delicious baked goods for the Girls Basketball annual fundraiser, Hoops for Hope.  “It was a very profitable day all around and took a lot of manpower to make this event happen,”  DiSibio reported.

The Adrienne Reid Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Connie Dwyer Breast Cancer Foundation were the beneficiaries of the Girls Basketball effort.   Members of both Adrienne Reid’s and Connie Dwyer’s families were in attendance and, according to DiSibio, “it was proud day for all of them.”

The captains parents noted that although Hoops for Hope is an annual fundraiser of the Girls Basketball organization, Boys Basketball, all three squads–frosh, JV and Varsity–and their parents provided invaluable support.

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